Event Calendar

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS to help make my life (and hopefully yours) easier. I’ll include a website if available, the start and ends dates if known and durations if kinda wonky (i.e. Level Up). SLurls are not included as event locations may change, but Seraphim is a great resource for galleries and LMs once the event opens.



Fifty5 Thursday (1 day, 7am SLT start)

Fifty Linden Friday (1 day)

Lazy Sunday (1 day)

The Neighborhood (Saturday)

Woeful Wednesday (1 day)

25LT (Tuesday)

Every Other Week

Cosmopolitan Sales Room: Every other Monday for 14 day duration

Suicide Dollz: Every other Sunday for 13 day duration

The Dressing Room Fusion: 6th and 20th (14 day duration)


Going Bust: 28th (runs for a full 2 week period)

Lubbly Jubblies: 15th – 13th

No. 21: 21st for 21 days

Collabor88: 8th – month end

FaMESHed: 1st – 27th

Fit For A Princess: 1st – 26th

Kustom 9: 15th – month end

My Slink Obsession: 5th -22nd

anyBODY: 7th – month end

The Chapter Four: 4th – 18th

The Fantasy Room: 5th – 25th

The Instruments: 1st – 28th

The Liaison Collaborative: 15th – 10th

The Men’s Dept: 5th – month end

We ❤ Roleplay: 4th – month end

21Shoes: 21st

Every Other Month

One Word: January, March, May, July, September, November (full month)

Tales of Fantasy: June, August, October, December (10th – month end)


Enchantment: February, May, August, November (full month)

Hard Alley’s Erotigacha: February, May, August, November (1st – 16th)

Hunt For Your Inner Slut: March, June, September, December (15th – 13th)

Level Up: March, June, September, December (3rd Thursday of the month – 5th)

The Arcade: March, June, September, December (1st – 30th)

The End: January, April, July, October (3rd Thursday of the month – 5th)

The Season’s Story

If you have additional events with FIRM dates, please send me a message in world at NaughtyPrincess Milneaux to have it added.

Additional Resources:

SL Destination Guide: Featured Events and Other SL Destinations

Blogging Second Life: Events Page

SL Fashion Shows & Events: Model Focused

SL Hunts

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