Decadent Dreams Blogging

**Currently on Hiatus**

I blog the things I like. Most times it’s fashion, sometimes it’s stuff, but all the times I’d personally wear it or use it in my day to day SL. I can be very particular with what I like so if the quality isn’t what I think it should be or can be, you won’t see it here. That also applies to the stores and events nice enough to send me items for review. Wait, did you just say you won’t blog everything sent to you? Yes, I did. It is my hope that readers of this blog look to it for quality items to enhance their SL so I will only feature content I regard as quality. Quality is subjective, but this is my blog so my definition of quality is what counts here.

With that said…

If you’d like me to blog for you, please send a NC in world to NaughtyPrincess Milneaux. Include information about your store and/or your product including any special parameters such as limited time sales or event only items. Items that fit my personal style, taste and attention to detail will be blogged within the week of receipt of your item, RL permitting.

UPDATE for 2015

Starting in 2015, I will focus my blogging commitments on events rather than individual stores. I absolutely love the stores I’ve been blessed to work with in the past, but my RL and SL have grown so hectic that I need to cut back. Events are super fun and allow me to find new stores I might not otherwise have discovered and also allow me to manage my time a bit better. Don’t worry, I’m still a shopaholic so will do my best to continue bringing you quality items from all over the grid! Thank you to everyone enjoying this blogging journey with me.

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