LeLutka, Glam Affair and Firestorm Newness!

My blog is going to take a little different turn going forward and I hope you’ll stay with me through the changes! One change is that I won’t be blogging quite as often. I have cut back on my monthly blogging commitments quite a bit to give me more free time in that RL place. I’ll still be bringing you items I think are awesome so let’s get started with what I have for you today!


LeLutka has released another set of mesh heads and in the past I had absolutely no desire to check them out. I wanted to keep my unique look, which I’ve spent over 5 years tweaking and perfecting, and not look like everyone else on Flickr. Well, when I saw Stella I changed my mind. I picked up the demo, read the NC to see which attributes could be changed (head size, stretch, length), thought about it for a bit and then took the plunge!

The LeLutka mesh head is made to work with mesh bodies (not the standard SL avatar) and I’m wearing it with the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Glam Affair has partnered with both LeLutka and Maitreya and provides all current skin tones as part of the head and body HUDs so you’re going to be able to match your skin tones with no problem. With the head, you also have a lot of customization with the skin without ever buying a separate applier. You can change the intensity of the eyeshadow and lipstick and with advanced lighting can add shimmer to the skin. That’s all on the main HUD. Then there are more HUDs included for the eyeshadow, lipstick and hairbase allowing you to change the color or style. The main HUD also has additional options which allow you to open/close the mouth and eyes, adjust your neck size to match your body, hide/show the ears, lashes and hairbase and even tint the lashes and hairbase to any color under the rainbow! I haven’t tinkered too much with all these options but I like knowing they are there for when I have more time to play around with it.

If you want even more customization for the head beyond the HUDs that come with it you can pick up a Glam Affair skin applier. I’m wearing the Stella applier with the Stella head, but all appliers are suppose to work on all the mesh heads. With the Glam Affair applier I can pick my eyebrow color, eyeshadow style and lipstick color. Using the intensity sliders from the head HUD, you get even more customization after applying these options. With so many options you shouldn’t look like everyone else beyond the general shape of your face. The rest is all up to you!


Once I had a look I wanted to share with you, I went to the snapshot window in Firestorm and went WHOA, WHAT HAPPENED HERE?! I just updated to the newest version (Betax64 which is currently in beta, brings the build closer to the official LL code and so far is amazing. My inventory loads super quick and just check out the snapshot window! For someone who primarily takes pictures while in game, the new features they’ve added here are FABULOUS! In addition to saving to disk or inventory you can upload directly to your profile, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or even send it through email! Then there are filters. You can pick any filter on the list and see a preview right there in the snapshot window. If you don’t want to learn Gimp or Photoshop, the filters are a super quick and easy way to add a little something to your in game photos with just a click. I’m adding a collection of pics here using the Firestorm filters so you can see how great they are with absolutely no editing other than cropping. Now it’s time for the list so you can check it all out for yourself!




Hair, Skin and Makeup:
Hair – Truth – Willa
Skin – Glam Affair – Stella Applier in Jamaica
Eyes – Ikon – Sovereign – Starfall
Head – LeLutka – Stella
Body – Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body

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