A Guiding Light for 2015

Yesterday I had a wonderful New Year’s Eve (and RL birthday!) with friends and family, good music, funny conversations and NO WORK! It was fabulous! Today is a new day though, as well as a new year, so I’ve been thinking about what I want for the coming year like most everyone else on the planet I think. I want to be happy and healthy and it’s really that simple for me. Everything else will fall into place as long as those are in the forefront of my mind. I wish the same for you so start today discovering what will make you happier and healthier then GO FOR IT!


I made this new profile picture today too. Not only did I just really enjoy my look (which you’ll hear about in a minute), but I wanted something to reflect where I was at right now and where I wanted to go. Enter lighthouse! I’ve had this lighthouse perched on a mountain top for a little while now since Dust Bunny released it a bit ago at an event. I love lighthouses and what they represent: a beacon or guide to light your way through difficult waters. I know there will be challenges this year, there always are, but I know the guiding light within my soul from my faith and beliefs will get me through them. I hope you have your own guiding light, but if not feel free to IM me, comment here, send me a message, whatever you need and I’ll be happy to be an ear or shoulder when you need it.


Before we get to the look, I have one more thing I want to mention. I went out exploring on the An Lar region after getting a notice from the SL Blogger Support group that it was all decorated for winter and I’m loving winter regions right now. So I’m going along looking everywhere, testing photo spots and camera angles, find what I’m looking for and what should happen? I get PHOTO BOMBED by AUTUMN of The {Wicked} Peach! We tend to run into each other around the grid pretty often and this time her pose and location were just perfect for the shot! Everyone say HI to Autumn! Just goes to show you never know who you’ll run into or what fun may ensue when you least expect it so to all my fellow bloggers out there, leave the platform once in a while! I’ll be taking my own advice on that!


Now let’s get to the details! Truth released Harmony yesterday and not only is the name perfect for my theme of today, but it comes with 2 different styles of a bun (shown here) and a ponytail. The pretty skin I’m wearing is from Glam Affair called December II and you’ll find her in a few skin tones and makeup options over at Uber. Remember the Winter Trend event from last month that I asked you to go to over and over and over again? Well, this dress from Blueberry was there and I adore it! It’s mesh and I got it to work with the Maitreya mesh body through the use of the HUD alphas then added my Lolas Tango Delicq to enhance the curves. Speaking of events I keep telling you to go to, have you been to FROST yet? It closes on the 3rd so you only have til then to pick up this cute purse from Esque in a whole bunch of colors and that comes with 3 versions: 2 pose versions and a no pose version. I also really like my boots from Reign that are over at N-Twenty1 and these glittery nails from The {Wicked} Peach I’ve featured a few times already too. Now it’s time for you to go pick up your goodies so here’s your list and enjoy!

Dress – Blueberry – Rox
Shoes – Reign – Juliette Boots (@ N21)

Hair, Skin and Makeup:
Hair – Truth – Harmony
Skin – Glam Affair – December II in Jamaica 1 (@ Uber)

Jewelry – Cae – Blizzard
Purse – Esque – Zuri Mink Satchel (@ FROST)
Nail Applier – The {Wicked} Peach – Winter Solstice (@ Midwinter Fair)

Scene Information:
Location – An Lar Estates

Single Pose – .Infiniti.

Everyday Body Credits found HERE:
Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies
Eyes – Ikon – Hope – Oxidation
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands – Casual
Breasts – Lolas! – Tango Delicq
Body – Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body

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