Lolas Tango Delicq … A Review and Comparison

The new Lolas Tango Delicq‘s came out yesterday and there is already a LOT of chatter with people liking them, not liking them or undecided on them so of course I decided to weigh in being a big boobie blogger and all! This will probably end up pretty lengthy cuz I’m also going to compare it with the WowMeh body since one of the comments asked why you’d spend the money on these when full mesh bodies are already out with new versions from well known brands on the way. Blog disclaimer: I didn’t edit ANYTHING on these pics other than cropping them into my blog pic template. Don’t hate on my pointy parts from the standard avi, k? So are you ready? Here we go!

First, let’s just talk about the new Lolas Tango Delicq and what it offers:

1.  It’s FITTED MESH so you must be on an updated viewer or you will not see them correctly nor will you see others who are wearing them correctly. So please upgrade before you go any further. Since they are fitted mesh, once you add them to your avi you will need to go into appearance mode to edit them. They follow the standard avi sliders of breast size, buoyancy and cleavage. These sliders will effect how they look and sit on your avi so tinker around with them until you find the look you like best. There are also alphas included in the folder so you can hide any avi parts that want to show through as well. Again, your sliders will determine how they look and if an alpha is needed.

2.  An additional feature we have now that we didn’t have before is physics. Since they are fitted mesh and are rigged to the avi itself, physics layers will work to give your new boobs a little jiggle or a whole lot of jiggle! A few physics layer versions are included in the folder, but there are more available out there or you can make your own for the perfect balance you want.

3.  Finally, the shape of the boobs has been reworked. The top is wider (much like the Tango Mirage) and the sides wrap around farther. This allows for better integration with the avi and along with the sliders and alphas you used above to get the look you want makes it so smooth and almost flawless. Now, as with any mesh attachment, you need to have the proper WL setting to avoid seeing those nasty creases and seams. I have used CaWL in all the pics of this post.



Front Pose – .Infiniti. – F.Basic 12
Side Pose – .Infiniti. – Elegance 3

Next, let’s put clothes on them and see what happens:

1.  All your old tango appliers will work on the new Delicq. By “work” I mean you can click on the applier and a texture will show up just like it did before. Clicking on the boobs brings up the same top/bra/visible menu buttons so there’s nothing new to that part. However, since the shape of the Delicq has been changed a little, you MAY need to edit your appliers for a perfect fit. Since these are fitted mesh (have I mentioned yet that they are fitted mesh?), you have to get to the top layer differently in order to edit them. Here are the steps:

~Right click the boobs from your inventory window

~At the top of the edit window that comes up, choose EDIT LINKED

~Choose the TEXTURE tab (you should see a box with the word texture under it showing you what the active layer is, make sure you see this for the next step).

~Hold down the CTRL key and then press the comma key until you see the texture in the edit box match your top. You’ll be cycling through skin, nipple and piercing layers so just keep going til your top comes up.

~Now use the horizontal and vertical scale numbers at the bottom to “stretch” your top from side to side or up and down. The horizontal and vertical offset numbers will move the texture side to side or up and down. You can click the arrows to do this or type directly in the box to change them. Usually this is a very small change and gets easier the more you do it. Altering these numbers will effect the fit of the applier on the boobs so they match up with the underlying clothes.

2. GLITCH ALERT! You can wear the top and bra layers at the same time, just like you could with the Tangos. Click the boobs and make sure both the bra and top buttons are checked. But, there’s a glitch. Sometimes the bra layer will show and sometimes it won’t. This can be after a TP, from a different camera angle, or just when you notice it and have no idea why it went away. There also seems to be a discrepancy from what you see on your boobs and what someone else sees. For instance, you may see your tattoo and I won’t or I’ll see your tattoo and you won’t. Totally frustrating and this is the same glitch that happens with the azz. Far as anyone can tell, this is alpha interference and has more to do with the textures than with the product, but I don’t know since I’m not a designer. I’ll be forwarding this over to the creator of the Delicq to see if there’s something that will help fix this glitch on the product side.



Top – Lolita – Twisted Top in mauve (@ Lubbly Jubblies starting 6/15)
Pose – .Infiniti. – F.Basic 35



Top – LDP – Washed Tribal Crop Top (@ Lubbly Jubblies starting 6/15)
Pose – .Infiniti. – F.Basic 40

Finally, let’s look at the mesh attachment option vs the mesh body option:

The most popular mesh body at the moment is the WowMeh so that’s what I’m comparing in this post. In all pics I’m wearing skin from Izzie’s (Kaelyn in peach) since I have all appliers for both options already. I’m also wearing the exact same body shape to show you how the shapes of the products differ. In the Delicq pics I’m wearing Slink hands in XS, but had to switch to XXS when wearing the WowMeh.

The main concern I have with the WowMeh is the shape of the boobs. For me the Delicq wins hands down with its slope, nipple placement and view from all angles. Also, WowMeh appliers are few and far between while Lolas appliers are prevalent across skin and clothes. Plus the old tango appliers work on the new Delicq so you’re not having to update your wardrobe once again. I do pair my Lolas with the azz (cute azz shown in the pics) and I just find it easier to alter the shape a little for mesh clothes or take them off rather than fiddle with the massive alpha HUD of the WowMeh. It’s awesome that the WowMeh has so many alpha options, but even with so many they don’t always work with the clothes you want to wear. Finally, the Slink hands and feet don’t come off, EVER, and they just fit better with the Lolas/Azz combo rather than with the WowMeh. I’m sticking with the Lolas/Azz combo, but other people love the WowMeh and won’t take it off, so it’s really a personal preference. SL is great for finding your personal style and all these products help you do just that.




Front and Side Pose – .Infiniti. – F.Basic 12
Side Pose – .Infiniti. – Elegance 3

So what do you think? Lolas Tango vs Lolas Tango Mirage or go fitted with the new Lolas Tango Delicq? Keep your mesh parts or transition to a full mesh body? Please use the comments and share what you’re thinking about all the options that are out there.

Body Credits found HERE:
Skin – Izzie’s – Kaelyn in peach
Breasts – Lolas! – Tango Delicq
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands – Casual
Feet – Slink AvEnhanced Feet – High
Tushy – Luck Inc – Cute Azz
Full Body – WowMeh

9 thoughts on “Lolas Tango Delicq … A Review and Comparison

  1. STARVED Magic says:

    i agree with you! i tried the wowmeh body for over a month…but i truely like the phat azz, tango combo better…the shape is nice. i find that some of my most popular cynful pants don’t accomadate the phat azz yet…like her skinny leg pants so i remove my phat azz for certain pants i love. my complaint is the customer service for the lolas. the designer doesn’t send out the updates, but has you physically come to the store to show her that you have the earlier version in order to recieve the new updates. most ppl do not have time to wait around the store for updates, as you never know when the lola designer will be available. for the price that she charges for the boobies, i think she could send out the updates! i am at the store now waiting for some customer service. hopefully no one will file a copy right infridgement on her design!

    • NaughtyPrincess Milneaux says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! I did see in the information included in the folder that updates should be automatic now. I know in the past her update system “blew up” so she had to go the manual route, but hopefully all that is behind us and all future updates will be handled more efficiently.

  2. Sin says:

    I’m wondering how to wear a tattoo layer with a top layer. I tried with the new Delicq and the nipples and piercings just keep popping out after I remove transparency. I tried to hide with the menu but it removes my tattoo or my top.

    • NaughtyPrincess Milneaux says:

      There can be a glitch with multiple layers on any fitted mesh body part, not just the Delicq. You need to bring up the Delicq menu and make sure the bra and top layers are both checked. It’s best to click everything to naked, then click the bra layer then the top layer and you SHOULD see everything in the right order with nothing else showing. If nipples or piercings are showing, you need to set them to hidden. If you aren’t seeing the tattoo and the top together, sometimes right click on the breasts themselves help them both show up. I hope that helps and I wish it were an easier answer, but fitted mesh and multiple layers can be tricky.

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