Live The Decadent Life

Hey blog followers! This post falls under the Decadent Residential category as we have 3 lots available to rent on the private residential region of Decadent Dreams. A lot of my blog posts have been made around the region and any houses/landscaping I’ve credited from here is available to you as part of your rental should you want to make use of it.

As a resident of Decadent Dreams you enjoy full land rights including terraforming (within reason), setting your land to your personal group and control over your sound and media. All lots have 937 prims available with the cost depending on where the lot is located. Corner lots are 1500L per week and water facing lots are 1400L per week.

If interested in taking a look at the region or getting started living the Decadent Life, please see our available listings on Market Place.

Lot #1: 937 prims for 1500L per week

Lot #3: 937 prims for 1400L per week

Lot #8: 937 prims for 1400L per week

Please contact me in world or through the comments with any questions. Thanks!

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