Flat Ebbe Linden Meme

I have been such a slacker with Strawberry’s blog challenges! I really enjoy reading them and planned to participate each week, but then stuff happened as stuff tends to do and well, it’s been a while. So with no further ado, on to the instructions!

Meme instructions: Pick up a copy of Flat Ebbe Linden from my marketplace store for free and take him to one of your favorite places on the grid. Also, share at least three things that you’d like to tell Ebbe. Please remember to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your Flat Ebbe picture in the Blog memes flickr group.


I cheated just a tad on this challenge since my favorite place to be right now is on my own personal region. After making quite a few changes, it’s lag free again and I even have prims left over to do a little more decorating and landscaping. I’m starting in the backyard with the pool/hangout area and thought Ebbe needed a tan so offered up some cool floaties and had a chat.

My comments for Ebbe:

1. Please increase the number of groups you can have or heck, even make it unlimited. I understand the amount of groups with notices and chats constantly going create a bit of a server nightmare, and the current group chats are anything but lag free and dependable, but if I want to wade through the notices of hundreds of groups to keep up to date with my favorite things in game, I should be able to. *nods*

2. Please take a look at land ownership and the inequitable prices being charged for the same product. A long time ago land prices were increased and current landholders of the time were grandfathered in with their previous prices. These prices should have been brought up to current levels, but never were. $295 a month is quite a bit for owning your own region and when you have to compete with others who are paying much less, well, it’s disconcerting and very very difficult.

3. Come play in SL! I know you’re super busy running the place and all, but the best way to find out what the residents need is to actually interact with the residents. You’ve been seen out and about, use Twitter, speak at conferences. That’s awesome! Now go hang out at a club and see how many different kinds of people you encounter, join a group and watch how many times people kick group chat to make it work, go shopping at a popular event and see the lag for yourself. Get all up in SL cuz that’s how you’ll know what’s needed. Become a resident yourself and have fun with us!


I’m also wearing some goodies from Spring Break Fair, Cosmetic Fair, 100 Block and Krave Freestyle Urban Fair with a new pose found at Pose Fair. Month end is fast approaching so if you want some of these items, check the list and get going!

Hair – Argrace – Riley
Skin – Deetalez – Calla (@ Cosmetic Fair)
Eyes – tsg – Mori Eyes in ice blue (@ Cosmetic Fair)
Lipstick – Pink Acid – Camille Lip balm in sweet pink (@ Cosmetic Fair)
Lipstick – Blacklace Beauty – Pout in gloss
Face Piercings – Diamante – Stardust (@ 100 Block)
Bikini – Ellemeno – Mix and Match in roses (@ Spring Break Fair)
Thigh Band – Pomposity – Worded Heart Thigh Band in princess (@ Krave Freestyle Urban Fair, gacha)
Foot Bows – ZOZ – Winged Silver Foot Bows in pink (@ Spring Break Fair)
Nail Applier – bubble – Fishnet Nails in vivid (@ 100 Block)

Scene Items:
The Loft – Verona Pool
MiaMai – The Critters Society Floaties – Kitty Pink and Bear Purple

Single Pose – Vibe – Blissfully Aware (@ Pose Fair)

Additional Credits:
Shape – Anatomy – Jade face plus modified body
Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies
Breasts – Lolas! – Tango Mirage
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands
Feet – Slink AvEnhanced Feet – Mid
Tushy – Luck Inc – Cute Azz
Find these links HERE.


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