100 Block – Event & Photo Contest

Depraved Nation‘s Luck of the Irish event was so much fun with amazing items available, wasn’t it? I hope you saw all the posts I did after my shopping trips there and picked up some awesome items for yourself. Now it’s time to look forward to their next event: 100 Block! The event is back this year beginning on 4/9 with the following sponsors: bubble, Cynful Clothing & Co, sYs, alterego, Aitui, American Bazaar, deer, DeeTalez, Edelfabrik, Epic, Gawk, Insanya, Blah, Razor///, Reign and Sakide. Already looking pretty fabulous, right?

The 100 Block “is a full sim fashion fair built in a cleaner urban environment that will display a creative fusion between fashion, music and art.” In addition to the sponsors listed above there are currently 90+ other shops lined up to participate! Now, this is going to be LOTS of shopping, but never fear because I will be here to guide you along the way!

In addition to the event where you will undoubtedly find tons and tons of goodies, Depraved Nation is also having a Photo Contest! The contest will run from 4/12 – 4/26 with winners being announced on 5/28 at 7PM SLT during their closing party. All the details and information can be found over on their blog, but here’s the skinny:

RULES (condensed format):

  • You must be wearing at least 1 exclusive item from the event
  • You may submit up to 3 pics (each with its own board) but you can only win once.
  • Outside editing it not required in order to win.
  • Official bloggers of the event may participate but must include 2 exclusives with at least 1 being from an event sponsor.

HOW TO ENTER (condensed format):

  • Buy a board for 349L
  • Drop your full perm pic on the board and NC with styling details in the board AND forward both to Heather Smithson. Both your pic and styling info will be put in the contest Flickr group found HERE.
  • Judging will be done by participating designers of the event, NOT by general voting by the public.
  • All pic boards will remain displayed on the region during the contest with the 3 winning pics staying until the end of the event on 4/30.

PRIZES (seriously condensed format):

  • There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd places chosen, each with their own prize pack.
  • Prizes include store credits, gift cards and even particular products as chosen by the winner from some of the stores.
  • The list of prizes is HUGE so please go take a look at what your competing to win HERE.

This new event is just under a week away and it’s going to be GREAT so get ready!

100 Block 1x1 Flier Orange 2014 v3

*Updated 4/6/14 for sponsor change.

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