New-to-me Meme

Strawberry Singh’s Monday meme had me thinking all week about what to blog for it. Here are the instructions:

Meme instructions: Blog something you’ve never blogged before and/or something you normally wouldn’t blog. This is more of a photography themed meme, with a focus on visuals of the item(s) you’ve never blogged before, however, if you prefer to make it a written meme and just write about something you normally wouldn’t write about, that’ll work as well. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your images in the blog memes flickr group.

We all get in our comfort zones and blogging something new would be challenging and maybe even a little uncomfortable for most. What would I choose and would I do it justice since I’m not use to blogging it? First I was thinking of blogging tattoos. They are not part of my normal look and I have a really pretty one from Elska with crowns on the thighs that I haven’t managed to fit into a post yet. Then I went to the new Slink West shopping region, spent a ton of money, slipped on some new stockings and had my blog post.

A Pet Peeve in SL Fashion

What’s New-to-Me about this blog post is that I don’t make a point to highlight faults in clothing when I blog. If I don’t like an item, don’t think it’s high quality or find faults that could have been easily corrected with a little extra work, I just don’t blog it. My fashion blog pics are only edited for smoothing the regular avatar “pointies” in noses and elbows, that kind of thing. So when I slipped on these new stockings and saw all the errors, I knew they would never be blogged and beyond that would be hitting the trash can. I’m not going to name the store or item here because I don’t want this to be a name bashing or negative post. I simply want to highlight the little details I personally will not accept in my SL closet and think should be corrected (imho) before they hit the shelves.


If you take a look at these pics, you’ll see the following errors:

1. A button is floating up over the string it’s suppose to be attached to and is half erased and smudged.

2. Seams don’t line up down the middle of the legs on either side. I know this can be done and can even be done by this designer. One seam matches perfectly but none of the others do.

3. Bottom edging found on one part of the stocking is completely missing on the section right next to it.

4. The rounded part of the foot is very jagged and smudged.

5. The front of the stocking on the foot is stretched horribly.

Now some people may say these items are nit picky, but I say they show a lack of attention to detail and pride in your work. The textures are being applied to mesh attachments (cute azz and slink feet) so the regular avatar stretching excuse doesn’t work here. This could also be a template as there is an abundance of template users in SL, but if so the template is only the starting point of a design and any errors found there should have been corrected. The textures on these stockings should be crisp and line up at the seams. Period.

What makes this pair of stockings wind up on this blog and not just in my trash is that the vendor ad has none of the most noticeable errors showing. In fact, the ad has either been heavily Photoshopped to hide the errors or the ads are of a different version of the item that somehow didn’t make it into the box. Either way, what I saw on the ad was most definitely not what I got. Perfection is not something everyone will strive for, but a little extra time should be taken on the item itself rather than in Photoshop after the fact. That’s my pet peeve in SL fashion. Designers, wear the items yourself, look at it from all angles and take the time needed to fix errors. Don’t chalk it up to being ok or good enough, don’t blame the deadline you’ve known about since you joined the event and instead take the time to make it GREAT. We love great fashion in SL and will pay well for it, so give us something GREAT.

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