Second Life Helpful Tools Meme

I am a customization fanatic. If something can be tweaked to make using it easier, prettier or just more unique, I’m going to do it. So today’s meme from Strawberry Singh is right up my alley. Here are the instructions:

Meme Instruction: Share a screenshot of your viewer setup and/or a list of tools/HUDS you guys use to make your Second Life experiences better.

I’m going to show you 2 screenshots reflecting how I interact in SL that covers both portions of this meme. First up is how I set up my viewer. I use the Firestorm viewer and I absolutely love it. I’ve tried many other viewers and always come back to Firestorm for it’s features and customization options. I’ve tried every skin available and settled on the Starlight CUI which lets you customize your color palette. Maybe you’ve noticed my preference for purple in my blog outfit choices, decorating styles, etc. so it should be no surprise my colors are purple. I always have the conversation window pulled up for quick access to IMs, friends list and groups. Then I have the inventory window open. Right now my inventory is screaming at me cuz it needs sorting. It might look organized with the use of all the folders, but those folders are closed for a reason cuz the chaos inside makes me twitchy. I’ll be trying out an item mentioned in Strawberry’s post called The Bright Inventory Box to see if I can’t get it under control. Nothing else sits on my screen other than the camera tools since I use the built in AO for animations and dances. It’s space saving, script reducing and very easy to use and maintain. For information on how to set up the AO, check out the Firestorm Wiki or YouTube channel.


Next up is how I set up for a picture. This is when all the tools and HUDs come out. I never take a pic without the AnyPose HUD. Like Strawberry, I mainly use it for eye placement and just to make sure they don’t close when I snap the perfect pic! If I’m at home or a place where I can rez, I use the Serenade Pose Stand Pro v4.0 with the included HUD. The stands are copiable so I have one set up for each pose maker so I can see which one I’m using for blog credits. The HUD is fabulous cuz I usually end up changing the pose AFTER I’ve set up the scene so the pose stand is in the ground or off the screen. The HUD lets you cycle through the poses and even rotate the stand so you can find the pose you’re looking for. If I’m in a no rez zone, I use the PoseAnywhere HUD which lets me pose myself but has some irritating limitations such as not being able to position yourself through the HUD. Gotta get in place before you start. Finally I use the photo tools and camera tools available in Firestorm. The photo tools let me manage windlights, turn on advanced lighting and many other options without going into preferences.  I use the camera tools to store my cam position for the shoot. It’s so frustrating when you have the perfect shot lined up and then you click something you shouldn’t and the camera angle goes haywire! With the camera tools I can save my position and go right back to it when that happens. And it happens.


So there you have it! How I play and work in SL. This post was pretty fun to do so I’ll probably start participating in more of Strawberry’s meme. If you complete this one, show me in the comments here and also post it to Strawberry’s thread. Let’s see what you use that others will find super helpful!

*What I’m wearing will be in the next blog post once I find time to make the credits.*

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