Just Look At Those EYES!


Who has seen the pocket pets from Birdy and not fallen totally in love?!? They are so freaking adorable I want to just squeal! I think it’s the eyes. The way they just LOOK at you! Don’t be surprised if you see pocket pets showing up on every outfit I can get a pocket on cuz it comes with a HUD to change the pocket color and even if it’s not a perfect color match I don’t even care due to their total CUTENESS! You can also resize them so they are very versatile. The pocket pets are in a gacha machine at The Chapter Four, but Birdy also has another gacha at OMG with the bunny cups. These are also totally adorable, come in lots of flavors and you get both a rezzing version and a holding version per play. My pug is sitting cozy on a top from Pretty Liar. This fabulous top is scheduled for Silicone, but that event’s opening was delayed from the 1st to today but as of this writing it’s still not open yet. The top is awesome and comes in lots of colors so try to grab it before the event is suppose to turn over around the 15th… Even more gacha goodies are making an appearance from [The Forge]. The new aura necklace is at OMG and is a perfect match for the aura staffs that came out in another gacha a while back. They are so pretties.

Hair – Truth – Gaia (NEW)
Eyeshadow – Bens Beauty – Bensu Eyeliner in lime
Eyelashes – Pink Acid – Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes
Lips – Pink Acid – Plumpled Up Lips & Teeth in Cherry (@ SL Fashion Week)
Necklace – [The Forge] – Aura Necklace in worn bronze (@ OMG)
Top – Pretty Liar – Tracy Top in ElectricGreen (@ Silicone, whenever it opens)
Doggy – .Birdy. – Pocket Pet in Pug Black (@ The Chapter Four)
Pants – Yasum – Mesh Steampunk Leggings
Bunnies – .Birdy. – Bunny Cafe in Hot Cocoa and Hot Cinnamon (@ OMG)
Staff – [The Forge] – Aura Staff in worn bronze
Bench – Cheeky Pea – Otto Blanket Chest (with single and couple sits)

Additional Credits:
Skin – Izzie’s – Kaelyn Peach
Eyes – Ikon – Ascension (chocolate)
Breasts – Lolas! – Tango Mirage
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands (casual)
Pose – Exposeur
Find these links HERE.

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