I <3 Cake – Cleavage 1st Birthday Hunt – Tops Edition

Cleavage, the region where great things come together for all things boob-tastic, turned 1 year old in December and has a birthday hunt going on so you get the gifts! In this post I’m showing you all the tops available and they are just yummy. WARNING! Some of the tops do bare nipples so don’t say I didn’t warn ya! Now back to the hunt… You only have until 1/15/14 to find the cake slices hidden throughout the region (none are inside shops, you gotta look all over the region instead) so check out the Info and Hints page and get started!


Epic – Cozy Off-Shoulder Top in Mr. Cuppycake


sexZ – PreppyTop in Pink Leo


trs – Jenn Sweater with and without tank (both included)


Witches and Rats – Princess Cake Corset


Pretty Liar – I’m Your Gift and I’m Your Naughty Gift (both included)


Razor – Naughty Tank in Violet but all 10 colors of the release are included!

Pose – Exposeur

Additional Credits:
Hair – Exile – Veronique
Skin – Izzie’s – Kaelyn Peach
Eyelashes – Mon Cherie – Falsies
Eyes – Ikon – Ascension (starfall)
Breasts – Lolas! – Tango
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands (casual)
Find these links HERE.

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