If you’ve been following my posts lately, you’ve seen the event of Enchantment popping up over and over again. In particular, I absolutely love everything Aisling has out for the event! Featured in this post is the wishing well from Snow White. It’s just perfect in look, details and animated poses for single or couple wishing. The first pic here is with a separate pose from Erotipose, available for Going Bust this weekend through 11/11 along with the outfit I’m wearing from Jelly. In the 2nd pic, the pose is part of the well. It’s animated so from this angle you’d see my feet shifting as I lean back into his arms and his head bending down whispering sweet nothings… or in our case, him cracking a joke to make me laugh. Check the credits for all the items in this scene and enjoy a little enchantment for yourself.




Hair – Exile – Forever Yours (Natural Pack now has 10 colors WITH streaks!)
Lipstick – Pink Acid – Jelly jam Lip Gloss & Teeth Naked (SL Fashion Week)
Jewelry – Krystal – Secret Royalty
Outfit – Jelly – Hookah (Going Bust til 11/11)
Shoes – COCO – BowBoots (The Chapter Four)

POSE – Erotipose – Behind Every Strong Woman (Going Bust til 11/11) 1st Pic

Scene Credits:
aisling – Wishing Well (Enchantment) 2nd Pic shows one of the included poses
Forest Floor – Alder and Ash Trees, season change

Additional Credits:
Skin – Izzie’s – Kaelyn Peach
Makeup – Izzie’s – Asia Eyeliner Black and Smokey Eyeshadow
Eyes – Ikon – Ascension (indigo)
Breasts – Lolas! – Tango Mirage
Tushy – Luck Inc. – Phat Azz
Nails – Sexy Mamas – Glitter
Find these links HERE.

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