She’s Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Ok Ok, this blog title could be construed as just a little vain or self indulgent or just plain egotistical, but today we’re looking at a new skin from DROP DEAD GORGEOUS called Dani. This exclusive skin for Bewbstock comes in Natural, Boho and Rainbow makeup styles each with 8 skin tones, dark/light/no brow options, cleavage/no cleavage options and 2 tango appliers (one is a cleavage enhanced version). These skins are at an intro price during the duration of the event which runs from 2pm SLT this afternoon til 11/8. You can find Drop Dead Gorgeous at Bewbstock HERE.

Enough talking already, let’s see the skins! To see all the pics in a larger size, visit my Flickr. First up, the FACE! I didn’t change my shape at all and to me this face really is Drop Dead Gorgeous! You get a choice of 8 skin tones each with all the options listed above. In the next set of pics I’m wearing the Natural skin with dark brows. From left to right the skin tones are Nutmeg, Cocoa, Mocha, Tan, Sunkissed, Honey, Peach and Fair.


These are the Boho and Rainbow makeup options. Shown here is the Honey skin tone, but each one is available in all 8 tones with all the same options as listed above.


Next up is the body shown with the exclusives from Faboo at this month’s round of Lubbly Jubblies. You can get Polka Bats and Polka Ghosts from now until noon SLT 11/13. On the left is the no cleavage skin with regular Tango applier. The right shows the cleavage skin worn with the cleavage enhanced Tango applier. I didn’t do my usual smoothing on the avi since we’re looking at skins so don’t judge my pointy wrists and shoulders too harshly…


If all this hasn’t been enough to spark some interest in this brand, how about this… there’s also a GIFT skin available at the event called Feelin Groovy. You get 3 skin tones, dark/light brows, cleavage or no cleavage and both tango applier versions. That’s some gift, huh?


For those who like your extra mesh attachments, appliers for Slink and the Phat Azz are available at the main store in all skin tones. And those GORGEOUS lashes in all the pics? Those are my falsies from Mon Cheri and are simply fabulous.

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