Chill In The Air

Today’s post isn’t featuring outfits or a particular look, but rather the feeling of autumn approaching and the amazing items available to illicit those feelings in world. Sitting, laying, kissing and snuggling with my partner on a nice SL afternoon, the breeze coming off the water to send a chill along the skin (I sure don’t know where our tops went, we had them when we sat down…) and the colors of autumn in the leaves all make for a very relaxing afternoon.

Blog-Inspired Blog-Inspired2

Featured today is the Autumn’s Tree Deck from Inspired.  Deck Specifics:

The deck comes in a rezzer for easy placement and has 2 different sets of poses in it at each pillow location. Singles and couples poses are available and work independently of each other so more than one couple can sit here at the same time. Total land impact with everything shown is 22 but being copy/mod you can decide which pieces stay out. I think the pumpkins add to the fall look so I’m keeping it out as is.

For those of you with REALLY good eyes and just want to know all the details, I am wearing Fuel Low Rise Jeans from Razor and flat bare feet from Gos Boutique with the flip flops add on. My hair is Veronica from Alice Project and of course my Izzie’s Kaelyn skin.

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