To Tango or Mirage, Now That’s The Question

**UPDATE** Lolas Tango Mirage Are OUT NOW! Get them HERE.

Previously I posed a question: “To Mesh or Not to Mesh” and tonight I have another one for you: “To Tango or Mirage”? Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts has been my favorite attachment, hands down. Now there’s a new boob in town that will want our attention, the Lolas Tango Mirage Mesh Breasts. As of this writing, the plan is for a tomorrow release date. Don’t stone me if something happens and it’s pushed back, but the Mirage are boxed, ready to go and priced the same as the Tangos at 1750L.

The first question on everyone’s mind about the new breasts is: Do we have to get new appliers? Thankfully the answer is NO. All tango appliers will work on the new Mirage breasts although you may need to tweak a few to make them fit the new shape. For those of you who do this already for your Tangos to line up clothes (like me), this is nothing new. There IS a developers kit inside the Mirage box tho and designers can make appliers specific to the shape if they choose to.

These pics show the Tango on the top and Mirage on the bottom. Using the same appliers for both, you can see how the shape reacts to diff types of tops:


The next question coming to mind is: What do they look like? The Mirage breasts have a pushed up and joined look creating nice cleavage and a round profile. Anyone missing their cleavage with the Tangos is getting it back with the Mirage. This also means certain tops might look better with the Mirage (corsets come to mind) when you’d expect to see a more joined together look.

These pics also have the Tango on top and the Mirage on bottom. They are definitely a different shape and may just be a personal preference on how you want your breasts to look.


To view full scale pics, please visit the Flickr set: HERE.

And last question I’ll cover tonight: Do they work the same as the Tangos? Sorta, LOL. You get the menu by left clicking the breasts, as you do with the Tangos. Then you get a whole set of NEW options, including some that required the purchase of additional scripts for the Tangos. I’ll quickly run through the buttons here, but the manual in picture form is currently displayed at The Tango Clothing Group Headquarters.

  • Cover nip: If selected, will hide the additional nipple styles of normal and swollen when you put on a top. If not selected, your nipple style will remain under your top (good for sheer).
  • Bra and Top Buttons: If selected, will reveal the appropriate applier. The bra and top buttons can both be clicked to apply both at the same time.
  • Visible: You can choose whether or not the breasts show by selecting this option. This means you can wear them all the time and just hide them if you want to switch to a mesh look (I hear some people do that) and then make them visible to switch back to a boobie look.
  • Copy to Bra and Copy to Top Buttons: It now doesn’t matter which applier you’re using, you can use these options to bring a layer forward or back!
  • Appearance: Brings up a whole sub menu for oil and tan line options. (There are also wet versions of the breasts included in the box for use with materials ready viewers)
  • Resize and Rotate Buttons: Go up and down in increments, save the last setting or return to default in size and direction.
  • Nude: Removes bra and top appliers.
  • Nipples: Brings up a sub menu for piercings and nipple shapes.
  • Bounce: Choose if you want your breasts to bounce a little, a little more or a LOT, if they should bounce all the time no matter what you’re doing and how often they should bounce. Play with this one, it’s fun! LOL

So that’s my review for tonight. Once they come out and you have a chance to see them for yourself, what do you think? Will you Tango, Mirage or Both?

Tops Used in the Pics:

top 1 – Deetalez – lace bandeau (cherry)
top 2 – Blacklace – maia – purple lace
top 3 – PeachBlossom – bandeau top (mousse)
top 4 – Maai – mily lingerie – white & violet
top 5 – Twisted Finials – o’shy corset
top 6 – Moda – merletto lingerie – (bustier in black)

Skin: Izzie’s – Kaelyn Peach

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