To Mesh or Not To Mesh…

Seems a very heated debate has hit the grid over the latest mesh avatar enhancement, the Phat Azz from Luck Inc. We now have mesh heads, eyes, teeth, lashes, breasts, hands, feet and tushies in addition to a growing selection of full mesh avatars that are available. For some, the mesh enhancements are an effective way to adjust their avis to fit their personal tastes and style in a way the default SL avis just can’t achieve. For photographers, mesh enhancements greatly cut down the amount of liquifying and editing work needed on the body in Photoshop. And for still others the mesh enhancements are a waste of time and money. Wherever you stand on the mesh enhancement debate, the fact remains they are here and it’s up to each individual whether they choose to use them or not and in what capacity.

(NUDE pics to follow so STOP before you get there if naked pixels offend you in any way)

Here’s my side by side comparison of mesh enhancements vs non mesh enhancements:

I’m not kidding! Here’s your LAST CHANCE to STOP before the nude pics arrive! In the mesh pics (on the left) I’m wearing:

Slink Mesh Hands (casual)

Gos Boutique Mesh Feet (arched)

Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts

Luck Inc. Phat Azz

In the SL avatar pics (on the right) I have on no mesh body parts.




The only editing done to the pics was dropping them into a side by side frame and adding my blog branding. NO touch ups to the body have been done. So what do you think? To Mesh or Not To Mesh?

4 thoughts on “To Mesh or Not To Mesh…

  1. Amberlee Adder says:

    I am so pro mesh body parts including the new bum as always with anything in SL always a choice no one has to do anything they don’t want to…. so why the controversy i am still trying to figure that out…lolz MESH!!!!!! lolz

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