Stay Inside the Lines


Today’s post features a few events that are closing soon and you don’t want to miss out on either. Lubbly Jubblies closes noon Friday 9/13/13 and Cosmopolitan Sale Room closes 9/15. Both will be back with a new round, but until then go check out this one!

On Naughty:
Top – Faboo – Maui Bikini – Shiny Purple (Lubbly Jubblies thru noon 9/13)
Shorts – Dammed Dolls – Mini Shorts (Cosmopolitan Sale Room thru 9/15)
Shoes – FoReVeR Sneakers – Black (Cosmopolitan Sale Room thru 9/15)
Hair – D!va – Ange (onyx)
Eyes – Ikon Ascension – Starfall
Body – Izzie’s Kaelyn Skin in Peach plus Freckles tattoo layer, Purple Eyeshadow and Soft Pink Lipstick (all included in Kaelyn pack)
Nails – Quintessencia – Nail 10 Model Mesh (Cosmopolitan Sale Room thru 9/15)

On Marek:
Necklace – L&B Mesh Jewelry “Drift” Unisex Choker
Ring – Burroughs Jewelry – Adam Ring (closed)
Shorts – F.A.D. – Heft Cargo Shorts (Plaid) Featuring Razor (can be purchase on the MP at FAD or in world at RAZOR)
Shoes – Razor – Eraser Kicks (HUD)
Hair – Exile – Vindicated (FP HUD)
Face Tattoo – (BZ) Facial Hair Tattoo – goatee 1 (black)
Eyes – Ikon Sunrise – Light Blue
Skin – the body co. Fox (07) – Tropez

Pose – Erotipose – Comfortable

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