Decadent Dreams Residential Parcel Availability


Decadent Dreams Residential has gone through a few changes over the weekend and a shifting of parcels available to rent, so here’s an update for those of you looking for a fabulous new home.

The region has changed from an ADULT to a MODERATE maturity rating and the common area has been removed. The biggest effect this has on the region is that child avatars are now allowed so families are welcome.

Breedables are now allowed on the region, but in a LIMITED capacity. Two breedables can be on each parcel and the script times will be closely monitored. We enjoy as lag free a home experience as we can manage so if this change negatively effects the region it will be revisited.

In light of the changes, the covenants have also been updated. You can see the online version HERE.

The Market Place has also been updated with the new parcels available for rent. There is 1 corner lot for 1300L, 1 water lot for 1200L and 3 inner lots for 1100L currently available. Each MP listing has a SLurl to the land so you can come by and check them out.

If you have any questions about Decadent Dreams Residential, please contact me in world. Thanks!

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